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Reasons to choose

Zomphel Agritech was founded with the mission of producing high quality, nutritional, and flavourful vegetables by implementing modern farming techniques of growing plants. We aim to preserve natural resources through less water consumption, zero pesticides and herbicides and more vegetables for the same amount of space than traditional farming.
We are a team of Next-Gen(Next Generation) farmers, researchers and engineers who work together to provide the world with the best vegetables using minimum water and no pesticides.

Zomphel eShop connects Shichak(Tibetan settlement) product globally by shipping across worldwide, thus helping local economy and Tibetan who lives around the world.


Hydroponic farming is the art of growing plants without soil where nutrients are fed to the plant via water flow.

Why us?

  • 1. We use 90% less water than traditional farming

  • 2. We do vertical farming by placing the plants on stack of pipes

  • 3. We avoid the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals

  • 4. We use specifically researched nutrients

  • 5. Our plant grows faster than in traditional farming

  • 6. Our vegetables have a longer shelf life

  • 7. We grow vegetables with love and care

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Awareness on hydroponic and inauguration day

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Meet The Team

Who we are?

Ngawang Lhamo
Tenzin Passang

Tenzin Passang

Co-founder & IT specialist
Nyima Dakpa

Nyima Dakpa

Kunchok Lhamo

Kunchok Lhamo

Marketing support specialist